Editorial and Advisory Boards

Editorial and Advisory Boards

The Papers of Abraham Lincoln: Editorial Board

The Editorial Board, composed of scholars, provides the project with advice on editorial and historical issues.

  • Dr. Edward L. Ayers, President, University of Richmond
  • Dr. Paul H. Bergeron, Professor of History Emeritus and former Director of the Papers of Andrew Johnson, University of Tennessee
  • Dr. Richard Carwardine, President, Corpus Christi College, University of Oxford
  • Dr. Cullom Davis, Professor of History Emeritus and former Director of the Lincoln Legal Papers, University of Illinois Springfield
  • Dr. Kenneth J. Winkle, Thomas C. Sorenson Professor of History, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


The Papers of Abraham Lincoln: Advisory Board

The Advisory Board advises the project on fundraising, access to documents in institutions and private collections, and the presentation of the project and its products.

  • Harold Holzer
  • Seth Kaller
  • Robert Lenz
  • Dr. David P. Racine
  • Steven Rothman
  • Dr. John R. Sellers
  • Rhoda Sneller
  • Robert A. Stuart Jr.

Lincoln Legal Papers

The Lincoln Legal Papers, Series I of the Papers of Abraham Lincoln, had a separate Editorial Board and an Advisory Board, which completed their service with the publication.


The Lincoln Legal Papers: Editorial Board

  • Paul H. Bergeron
  • Harold M. Hyman
  • John P. Kaminski
  • Stanley N. Katz
  • Jenni Parrish
  • John Y. Simon


 The Lincoln Legal Papers: Advisory Board

  • Richard E. Hart, Chair
  • Roger D. Bridges
  • Sheldon S. Cohen
  • Robert J. Coomer
  • Robert S. Eckley
  • Barbara Ferrara
  • Donald H. Funk
  • Kathryn Harris
  • David A. Joens
  • Robert W. Johannsen
  • Victor Lary
  • Hon. Ben Miller
  • Thomas F. Schwartz
  • Mark E. Steiner
  • Louise Taper
  • John Taylor
  • Richard Thies
  • Christopher Waldrep
  • Robert S. Willard