Donor Premiums

Donor Premiums

Donors of $100 or more will receive this year's donor premium, a 4 GB flash drive in the form of our favorite president!Lincoln flash drive


Donors can also request previous premiums instead of this year's, if they prefer.  The past eight premiums are available:


An Honest Calling: The Law Practice of Abraham Lincoln by Mark E. Steiner (2009)   An Honest Calling
In Tender Consideration: Women, Families, and the Law in Abraham Lincoln's Illinois, edited by Daniel W. Stowell (2006)  In Tender Consideration
Samuel H. Treat: Prairie Justice, by Daniel W. Stowell (2005)  Samuel H. Treat
Now They Belong to the Ages: Abraham Lincoln and His Contemporaries in Oak Ridge Cemetery, by Susan Krause, Kelley A. Boston, and Daniel W. Stowell (2005)  Now They Belong to the Ages
"Abraham Lincoln's Cabinet" poster (24" x 36")  cabinet
Stovepipe Hat and Quill Pen: The Artifacts of Abraham Lincoln's Law Practice (2002), by Christopher A. Schnell  Stovepipe Hat and Quill Pen
Judging Lincoln: The Bench in Lincoln's Illinois (2002), by Susan Krause  Judging Lincoln
From Log Cabins to Temples of Justice: Courthouses in Lincoln's Illinois (2000), by Susan Krause   From Log Cabins to Temples of Justice

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