Series II (Illinois Papers)

Series II (Illinois Papers)

Below is a sample of new documents written by Abraham Lincoln or with substantial endorsements written by Lincoln that do not appear in The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln (1953-55) or either of its supplements (1974, 1990).  Because the Papers of Abraham Lincoln has a much broader scope, the project has also scanned thousands of letters to Lincoln and other documents not included in the Collected Works.

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Abraham Lincoln to John M. Clayton, December 7, 1849

Lincoln to Clayton 1 Lincoln to Clayton 2

Record Group 59: General Records of the Department of State, 1789-1949, Entry 760: Appointment Records, Applications and Recommendations for Office, Applications and Recommendations for Public Office, 1797-1901, National Archives and Records Administration, College Park, MD

Abraham Lincoln to Thomas Ewing, December 15, 1849

Lincoln to Ewing 1 Lincoln to Ewing 2

Private collection

Abraham Lincoln to Thomas Ewing, April 13, 1850

Lincoln to Ewing 1 Lincoln to Ewing 2

Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

Affidavit of Charles R. Pierce, August 6, 1855

Lincoln to Pierce 1 Lincoln to Pierce 2

RG 15, Entry 26: Records of the Bureau of Pensions and the Pension Service, Bureau of Pensions Correspondence and Pension Bounty Land Case Files Relating to Military Service Performed Between 1775 and 1861, Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Application Files, Case Files of Bounty Land Warrant Applications Based On Service Between 1812 and 1855 and Disapproved Applications Based on Revolutionary War Service, 1800-1900, National Archives Building, Washington, DC

Abraham Lincoln to Jackson Grimshaw, April 11, 1858

Lincoln to Grimshaw 1 Lincoln to Grimshaw 2

Hagley Museum and Library, Wilmington, DE

Abraham Lincoln to Blatchford, Seward, & Griswold, May 2, 1858

Lincoln to Blatchford, Seward, & Griswold

Private collection

Abraham Lincoln to Joseph S. Copes, June 2, 1858

Lincoln to Copes 1

Private collection

Abraham Lincoln to Charles H. Ray, June 6, 1858

Lincoln to Ray 1 Lincoln to Ray 2
Lincoln to Ray 3 Lincoln to Ray 4

Cantigny, Colonel Robert R. McCormick Research Center, Wheaton, IL