Series II (Illinois Papers)

Series II (Illinois Papers)

Below is a sample of new documents written by Abraham Lincoln or with substantial endorsements written by Lincoln that do not appear in The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln (1953-55) or either of its supplements (1974, 1990).  Because the Papers of Abraham Lincoln has a much broader scope, the project has also scanned thousands of letters to Lincoln and other documents not included in the Collected Works.

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Abraham Lincoln to Leonard Swett, June 1860

Lincoln to Swett

Private Collection.

Abraham Lincoln to William D. Kelley, August 15, 1860

Lincoln to Kelley, August 1860

Columbia University, New York, New York

Abraham Lincoln to Alexander K. McClure, August 30, 1860

Lincoln to McClure, August 1860

Henry Horner Lincoln Collection, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, Springfield, IL

Abraham Lincoln to Ulysses Doubleday, January 24, 1861

Lincoln to Doubleday, January 1861

Private collection

Abraham Lincoln to David Hunter, January 26, 1861

Lincoln to Hunter, January 1861

Dr. Robert Small Trust and Sotheby's

Charles Lanman to Abraham Lincoln, August 25, 1858; endorsement of Abraham Lincoln to Charles Lanman

Lanham to Lincoln, August 1858 1 Lanham to Lincoln, August 1858 2

(incorrectly dated and incomplete transcription based on Nicolay and Hay)
Meisei University, Hino, Tokyo, Japan

Abraham Lincoln to John Hickman, July 29, 1860

Lincoln to Hickman 1 Lincoln to Hickman 2

(incomplete transcription based on auction catalog description)
Private Collection

Page from Copybook, c. 1824-1826

Copybook 1  

Copybook 2

Upper portion: Brown University, Providence, RI
Lower portion: University of Chicago, Chicago, IL