Series III (Presidential Papers)

Series III (Presidential Papers)

Below is a sample of new documents written by Abraham Lincoln or with substantial endorsements written by Lincoln that do not appear in The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln (1953-55) or either of its supplements (1974, 1990).  Because the Papers of Abraham Lincoln has a much broader scope, the project has also scanned thousands of letters to Lincoln and other documents not included in the Collected Works.

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Pass for Mrs. Schaumberg, January 18, 1865

Lincoln to Schaumberg

Historic New Orleans Collection

Pass for Eliza Underwood Rutledge, January 21, 1865

Lincoln to Rutledge

Middleton Place, Charleston, SC

Abraham Lincoln to Gideon Welles, February 15, 1865

Lincoln to Welles

Henry Horner Lincoln Collection, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, Springfield, IL

Abraham Lincoln to Unknown, April 14, 1865

Lincoln to Unknown

Private Collection

Report of Dr. Charles A. Leale on Assassination, April 15, 1865

Leale 1 Leale 2
Leale 3 Leale 4
Leale 5 Leale 6
Leale 7 Leale 8
Leale 9 Leale 10
Leale 11 Leale 13
Leale 13 Leale 14
 Leale 15  Leale 16
 Leale 17  Leale 18
 Leale 19  Leale 20
 Leale 21  Leale 22

Record Group 112: Office of the Surgeon General (War), 1775-1959, Entry 12, Letters Received, 1818-1889, National Archives Building, Washington, DC

Order of Simon Cameron to Illinois and Indiana Regiments (written by Abraham Lincoln), May 28, 1861; endorsement of Abraham Lincoln to Simon Cameron, May 28, 1861

Order of Simon Cameron 1 Order of Simon Cameron 2
Order of Simon Cameron 3 Order of Simon Cameron 4

(only endorsement included in Collected Works)
Record Group 107: Records of the Secretary of War, 1791-1947, Entry 23: Record Series Originating During the Period 1789-1889, Correspondence, Letters Received, Letters Received (Irregular Series), 1861-1866, National Archives Building, Washington, DC

Order for Henry W. Halleck to Organize an Army for Active Service (written by Abraham Lincoln), September 3, 1862

Order for Henry W. Halleck Order for Henry W. Halleck

(original in Lincoln's hand unlocated in Collected Works)
Record Group 94: Records of the Adjutant General’s Office, Entry 12: Letters Received by the Office of the Adjutant General (Main Series), 1861-1870, National Archives Building, Washington, DC

Abraham Lincoln to Anne Williamson, July 29, 1864

Lincoln to Williamson

(incomplete transcription in Collected Works based on newspaper account)
Private Collection