Series III (Presidential Papers)

Series III (Presidential Papers)

Below is a sample of new documents written by Abraham Lincoln or with substantial endorsements written by Lincoln that do not appear in The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln (1953-55) or either of its supplements (1974, 1990).  Because the Papers of Abraham Lincoln has a much broader scope, the project has also scanned thousands of letters to Lincoln and other documents not included in the Collected Works.

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Brief regarding Land Sales at Reservation No. 7 in California, [October 1862]; endorsement of Abraham Lincoln to Edwin M. Stanton, October 31, 1862

Brief regarding Land Sales 1 Brief regarding Land Sales 2
Brief regarding Land Sales 3  Brief regarding Land Sales 4

Record Group 46: Records of the United States Senate, 1789-1990, Entry 547: Thirty-Seventh Congress, Records of Legislative Proceedings, Petitions and Memorials, Resolutions of State Legislatures and Related Documents, 1861-1863, National Archives Building, Washington, DC.

Abraham Lincoln to Samuel R. Curtis, November 6, 1862

Lincoln to Curtis

State Historical Society of Iowa, Des Moines, IA

Abraham Lincoln to Edwin M. Stanton, November 10, 1862

Lincoln to Stanton Lincoln to Stanton

Record Group 107, Records of the Office of the Secretary of War, Entry 18: Records of the Secretary of War, Record Series Originating During The Period 1789-1889, Correspondence, Letters Received, Letters Received (Main Series), 1801-1889, National Archives Building, Washington, DC

Abraham Lincoln to F. N. Ewing, November 24, 1862

Lincoln to Ewing 1 Lincoln to Ewing 2

Pink Palace Museum, Memphis, TN

Abraham Lincoln to Cassius M. Clay, December 13, 1862

Lincoln to Clay Lincoln to Clay 2

Cincinnati Museum Center, Cincinnati, OH

Abraham Lincoln to James Doolittle, December 13, 1862

Lincoln to Doolittle

Private Collection

Abraham Lincoln to Edwin M. Stanton, December 22, 1862

Lincoln to Stanton

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City, UT

Abraham Lincoln to Heads of Departments, February 20, 1863

Lincoln to Heads of Department

Record Group 56, General Records of the Department of the Treasury, 1775-1990, Entry 210: Part II - Records of Various Divisions within the Office of the Secretary of the Treasury, Records of the Division of Appointments, Correspondence of the Division, Applications and Recommendations for Positions in the Washington, D.C. Offices of the Treasury Department, 1830-1910, National Archives and Records Administration, College Park, MD