Daniel Worthington vita

Daniel Worthington vita

Daniel E. Worthington
Assistant Editor
The Papers of Abraham Lincoln
112 North Sixth Street
Springfield, IL  62701-1507

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Ph.D., History, University of Illinois, 1997 (Dissertation: “Advancing Scholarship in Wartime: The World War I Research Experience and its impact on American Higher Education, 1900-1925").

M.A., History, Middle Tennessee State University, 1986 (Thesis: “The Other Bonaparte: English Reaction to the Public Career of Louis Napoleon Bonaparte”).

B.S., History, Middle Tennessee State University, 1983, Cum Laude.


Professional Experience

Assistant Editor, The Papers of Abraham Lincoln, 2008-present.

Management/Quality Control Consultant, HarpWeek, LLC., 2008.

Managing Editor/Manager of Post-Production/Quality Control, HarpWeek, LLC., 2004-2007.

Managing Editor/Director of Indexing/Research, HarpWeek, LLC., 1997-2004.

Indexer/Research Associate, HarpWeek, LLC., 1995-1997.

Graduate Assistant, History & Philosophy Library, University of Illinois, 1994-1995.

Instructor, University of Illinois, 1993.

Teaching Assistant, University of Illinois, 1987-1988, 1991-1992.

Research Assistant, University of Illinois, 1989-1990.

Research Assistant, National Center for Supercomputing Applications, University of Illinois, 1986-1987.

Instructor/Teaching Assistant, Middle Tennessee State University, 1984-1986. 




On Lincoln's Mind: Leading the Nation to the Gettysburg Address. 
Springfield: Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, 2014 (co-editor).

On Lincoln's Side: Reelecting a Leader
. Springfield: Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, 2013 (co-editor).


“Inventive Genius or Scientific Research?” Swords and Ploughshares: Bulletin of the Program in Arms Control, Disarmament, and International Security 6 (Fall-Winter 1991): 11-15.

Encyclopedia Entries

Walter A. Boyne, ed., Air Warfare: An International Encyclopedia.  Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 2002.  S.v.v. “Anti-Submarine Warfare,”“Aeronautical Research Establishments,” “Automobile Industry, Wartime Mobilization of,” “Bureau of Naval Aeronautics,” “Douglas MacAuthur,” Magnetic Anomaly Detection,” and “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.”

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Anne Cipriano Venzon, ed., The United States in the First World War: An Encyclopedia.  New York: Garland, 1995.  S.v.v. “Chemical Warfare Service” and “National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics.”



eLincoln Prize Laureate, HarpWeek Presents Lincoln and the Civil War.com (John Adler, publisher), 2003.

MacArthur Fellow, Program in Arms Control, Disarmament, and International Security (ACDIS), University of Illinois, 1990-1991.

Outstanding Teaching Assistant, University of Illinois, 1987-1988, 1991-1992.


Papers & Conferences

“A Retirement Project Gone Wild: The Story of HarpWeek,” paper presented before the City of Portsmouth Museums Staff, 2007.

“Speeding Up the Hohenzollern Crash: University of Illinois Chemists and Organic Chemical Manufacture in Wartime, 1914-1919,” paper presented at the Thirteenth Annual Symposium on Illinois History, 1992.

“The World War I Research Experience: Designing a Research Structure,” paper presented at the American Intellectual and Cultural History Colloquium, University of Illinois, 1991.

“To Teach or Research: A Problem in the History of American Higher Education,” paper presented at the Department of History Women’s Caucus, University of Illinois, 1989.